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  1. What is Gourmet Navigator?
    Gourmet Navigator has one of the largest databases of restaurants in Japan. We support everyone interested in finding the perfect restaurant for their needs.
  2. Is Gourmet Navigator free?
    Yes, you can use the site for free!
  3. How can I search for a restaurant?
    Wherever you see "Restaurant Search," select the location, type of cuisine and price, then click "SEARCH"!
  4. How can I book a restaurant on Gourmet Navigator?
    Please contact the restaurant directly by phone. Some restaurants have English speaking staff available. Check the "Language" section on the description page of the restaurant to find out!

Contact by E-mail

  • We do not reply to inquiries regarding restaurants other than those listed in Gourmet Navigator.
  • Personal information (your name and e-mail address) provided to us with your inquiries will be used solely for the purpose of addressing your inquiries. Please refer to our privacy policy in English for more details. This policy is translated into English from the original only for the benefit of our users. By using this, you agree that the relationship between Gourmet Navigator and the user is defined by the original privacy policy in Japanese.
  • Business hours: Mon.-Fri., 9:00am to 6:00pm (closed on holidays)
  • It may take a while to reply depending on the nature of your inquiry.

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