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Last Up date : 2009/09/16

If you’ve seen a restaurant in Japan then you’ve most likely taken notice of the replica food they have on display.

Bars in Japan

Last Up date : 2009/05/22

There are a variety of drinking establishments in Japan, each offering a unique atmosphere and type of drinks and food. In a typical bar, you’ll find cocktails, whiskey and a little bit of food.

Mukokuseki ryori

Last Up date : 2006/04/20

Mukokuseki ryori means gfood without nationalityh and refers to fusion cuisine in Japan. Mukokuseki ryori can describe restaurants that serve a combination of various Asian cuisines such as Vietnamese or Thai dishes with a dash of Okinawan dishes.


Last Up date : 2006/03/15

Restaurants with all-you-can-eat services come in a variety of styles, from their different atmospheres to different genre of foods.

Different Atmospheres and Different Services for Different Folks

Last Up date : 2006/02/15

Experiencing Japanese food culture does not involve just exposing yourself to different dishes but includes different atmospheres and services.


Last Up date : 2005/11/11

In Japan, if you are looking for a place to drink cheaply or a space to have a good time with a large group, izakaya (Japanese style bars) with nomihodai (all you can drink services) are usually the best places to go.


Last Up date : 2004/12/26

Before the arrival of the international coffee chain, the kissaten was Japanfs answer to cafe culture.

Izakaya and Robatayaki

Last Up date : 2004/09/28

Dining at an izakaya is a cross between a sit down dinner and a night at the pub.


Last Up date : 2004/09/28

Though yoshoku literally means gWestern foodh, it is hard to think of the menu at a yoshokuten as anything other than Japanese.

Chinese Restaurants

Last Up date : 2004/09/28

Chinese food undergoes a transformation whenever it travels and Japan is no exception.

Sushi Restaurants

Last Up date : 2004/09/28

Not for nothing are they called sushi bars in the West.


Last Up date : 2004/09/28

Trade your burger and bun for thin strips of beef cooked with onions in a savoury sauce and piled on top of rice.


Last Up date : 2004/09/28

Meaning literally, groast meath, this traditionally Korean style of dining is now very much a Japanese institution in its own right.