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Restaurant Guide For English Speakers

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*This English-language Fukuoka Restaurant Recommendation & Reservation Support Service is provided to you by GURUNAVI.

050-2018-2085 (+81-50-2018-2085)

Enjoy great local food and drinks in Fukuoka, Japan.

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  1. Indicate to our staff your preferred cuisine type, estimated budget, the number of people attending, and the date and time that you would like to attend.

  2. We will then contact you via email or by phone with a list of up to three restaurants based on your preferences.

  3. We can also confirm table availability and/or make the reservation on your behalf. If you would like us to do so, simply contact us again to let us know which recommended restaurant you prefer.

  4. We will contact you by phone or e-mail to let you know if the reservation was successful.

Requested Information

Personal Information
*Your name
*Overseas phone number
*Japanese (local) phone number
*Hotel name (if applicable)
Reservation Details
*Date and time
*Number of people

Reservation Policy

  • - If you wish to cancel your reservation, please either call the restaurant directly, or call us back by the specified cancellation deadline.
  • - Customers are responsible for all telephone charges incurred during the reservation process.
  • - The following information is required in order to make reservations: email address, phone number reachable from Japan or your hotel name, check-in and check-out dates and the booking name.
  • - Gurunavi bears no responsibility for cancellation fees of your reservation, or if troubles were to happen between you and the restaurant.
  • - We cannot guarantee that we will be able to secure reservations as per your request. It may not be possible to make reservations depending on factors such as table availability.
  • - For immediate reservations, we may present you a list of restaurants, without verifying table availability.
  • - In accordance with the restaurant's cancellation policy, in the event that you cancel after the completion of your reservation, you will pay the cancellation fee to the restaurant.

050-2018-2085 (+81-50-2018-2085)

*Restaurant Guide For English Speakers is a reservation support service provided by Gurunavi, the phone number displayed is not the restaurant's phone number.